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The Arms Reduction Coalition (ARC) is campaigning for the states of the UN to agree and implement a legally binding instrument, to reduce the amount of resources spent on arms by between 1 and 5 percent for a period of between 10 and 25 years, and to spend the resources saved on programmes that benefit humanity and the earth. This reasonable proposal is based on Implementing Article 26 of the UN Charter, which the states of the UN have committed "to promote the establishment and maintenance of international peace and security with the least diversion for armaments of the worlds human and economic resources".

See also Some ARC resolutions. Encourage conference led organisations to submit a resolution at their conference.

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The ARC campaign is open to individuals and organisations. You are invited to join with us in this important initiative.

We are asking you to support ARC in any way you can. This could include:
1) Endorse the ARC resolution and / or become a member of ARC.
2) Offer of resources (human, financial, physical)
3) Get your organisation to join ARC or pass an ARC-like resolution.
4) Inform others of ARC ( discussing ARC with friends, distributing our leaflet, invite ARC to local meeting).

A Note for International / Non - United Kingdom Individuals and Organisations

As this ARC campaign will require agreement by member states of the United Nations we hope that similar ARC campaigns will be set up in many of the states of the UN. Please inform us if you wish to be put in touch with other organisations in your country that support ARC and are interested in setting up a national Arms Reduction Coalition.

Attached please find the ARC resolution, endorsement and membership form. Please return with your membership subscription and a donation (if possible) to the address below. We look forward to receiving your endorsement and working with you to achieve a successful campaign and a more just world.

For further information, please contact us at or

Arms Reduction Coalition (ARC) Resolution

The Arms Reduction Coalition (ARC)

Concerned by the obstacles, threats and difficulties that the large amounts of arms in circulation pose to the maintenance of peace and security and to Non-Governmental Organisations and UN departments in carrying out their work;

Concerned by the disproportionately large amount of the world’s human and economic resources being expended on arms;

Recalling that Article 26 of the United Nations (UN) Charter calls for "the least diversion for armaments of the world’s human and economic resources";

Calls upon the United Nations General assembly, to agree, and for all signatory States of The United Nations to ratify, a legally binding instrument:

a) for reducing the diversion for armaments of their State’s human and economic resources by between one and five percent per year;

b) to establish and maintain systems that enable annual independent verification and auditing of their States compliance;

c) to establish a United Nations mechanism to facilitate implementation; dealing with such matters as non-compliance, concessions, reporting and auditing standards, and the publication of targets and achievements annually;

d) that specifies how amounts diverted from armaments are to be used on State and UN programmes such as poverty reduction, sustainable development, conflict prevention, peaceful resolution of conflict, protecting the vulnerable, maintaining the environment; and effective and efficient implementation of the legally binding Instrument;

e) that gives full opportunities to non-governmental organizations and other non state actors to make their contributions in implementation, compliance and allocation of resources;

f) that requires review and re-commitment by the States to the legally binding Instrument after a period of between 10 and 25 years.


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Please return to:  Treasurer, Arms Reduction Coalition,
PO BOX 42567, London, E1 2WP, United Kingdom

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