Lessons from Iraq

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Lessons from Iraq

The UN must be reformed


David Roberts


The UN has profound problems,

but it can and must be reformed and saved


The task of the United Nations

Even Kofi Annan admits that the UN body set up “to maintain the peace and security of the world,” the Security Council, lacks credibility. It cannot function effectively because, in spite of the noble efforts of many members its work is viewed around the world with sadness, or even contempt, anger or hostility.


The UN has failed Iraq

This pamphlet examines the astonishing failures of the UN Security Council in its dealings with Iraq and suggests reforms and remedies which may enable the Security Council to gain respect and fulfil its mission. Crimes against Iraq cannot be ignored and rogue members of the UN  must be brought into line with UN principles.


There are tasks which both the UN itself and ordinary citizens everywhere can carry out in order to return the United Nations to its founding principles and help to ensure the survival and well-being of the human race.


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