About the Arms Reduction Coalition

ARC is a small campaigning NGO based in the UK. ARC was formally launched at a meeting organised by Action for UN Renewal (www.action-for-un-renewal.org.uk) on 7th May 2002 in the House of Commons , London, UK. Under current UK laws we are not allowed to be a charity. ARC is the only group campaigning for a world wide reduction in military and arms spending.


ARC is driven by the ARC resolution (see enclosed leaflet). Our aims include:


ARC's main activities have included:

Globally recognised: ARC Committee members have spoken at various events around the world; such as in Athens, Barcelona, Edinburgh, London, New York, and Prague. ARC will be taking part in the World Peace Forum in Vancouver, conferences in Geneva, London (ARC organised with World Disarmament Campaign). Many in the UN involved with Peace, security and development are familiar with ARC. Since the launch of our Campaign references to Article 26 has increased. For example 'We should recall Article 26 of the Charter of the United Nations, which envisages an international system based on the "least diversion for armaments of the worlds human and economic resources".' Secretary-General Kofi Annan in the foreword to the 2004 'Report of the Group of Governmental Experts on the relationship between Disarmament and Development'.

More than a passive website: Our website includes speeches, articles, poems, extensive links, quotations, free music and a Web Shop. It is a forum for discussion of ARC issues.

Support for local NGOs: We support local Peace, human rights, environment and development organizations around the world by bringing their work and concerns to wider international attention and campaigning for more resources to be allocated to their work. We support international initiates such as Departments of Peace, Make Poverty History, Human Security, Millennium Development Goals, Sustainable Disarmament For Sustainable Development, Arms Trade Treaty, Peace Building Commission, The Responsibility to Protect and Civil Society participation in the UN

Planned expansion

During 2006-7 we are seeking funds to forward our campaign in important ways:

Supporting us

Please participate and support ARC in any way you can, such as by:

Arms Reduction Coalition Committee Members

Chair: Vijay Mehta MA,:  is a author, peace and development activist. His latest book, The United Nations and Its Future in the 21st Century, discuss ideas about the UN’s central role in contributing to international peace and security. He is president of VM Centre for Peace and Chair of Arms Reduction Coalition, and World Disarmament Campaign. He is also a founder member of the New School of Athens. He is a member of the National Council of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). Please visit his web site VM Centre for Peace www.vmpeace.org 

Secretary & Web Site Editor : Karl Miller BSc, Action for UN Renewal Web site editor, Merton United Nations Association (UNA) Newsletter editor. Producer of the CDs 'ARC Peace Quotes', 'ARC: The UN and Africa' and 'Nurturing ARC instrumentals' .

Treasurer, NGO Liaison Officer : Fidel Asante, a London based campaigner for social justice working with groups such as the Make Poverty History Coalition, Lucis Trust, Tara Network and Peace Not War.

Arms Reduction Coalition Patrons

Federico Mayor Zaragoza - Head of UNESCO (1987-1999); created the Culture of Peace Program. Leadership of Fundación Cultura de Paz, On Committee of World Campaign for In-depth reform of International Institutions.

Denis Halliday - former United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq (1997-1998). 34 year career with the UN in development and humanitarian assistance. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2000.

Bruce Kent - Founder of Movement for the Abolition of War. Member or leadership of many organisations such as CND, Abolition 2000 UK, UNA, Amnesty, War on Want.

Lord ARCher of Sandwell - Member of House of Lords; interests: human rights, disarmament. Formerly Barrister, M.P., Parliamentary Private Secretary, Queen's Counsel, Bencher¸ Privy Counsellor, Crown Court Recorder, Baron, Lord, Delegate to the UN. President One World Trust, Fabian Society, World disarmament Campaign UK..

Alice Mahon - Former MP, Health Select Committee. All-Party Group on Breast Cancer. Committee for Security and Co-operation, Parliamentary Assembly of NATO. nurse, lecturer, trade unionist.

Linda Melvern is one of Britain’s leading investigative journalists. Honorary Fellow of the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. She is an expert on the 1994 Rwandan genocide; having written several books on it.