ARC Publications

Below are some of the publications distributed by ARC. Many more are available on the ARC stall; many of which are FREE.

The United Nations and Its Future in the 21st Century by Vijay Mehta. Published by SPOKESMAN for Action for UN Renewal. 2005 ISBN 0 85124 707 5. This collection of essays assesses aspects of the UNís history, and what might lie ahead for it. The chapters in the book were originally given as lectures in honour of the UNís free-thinker, critic and constructive analystsí, Erskine Childers. The contributors include: Margaret Anstee * Jayantha Dhanapala * Denis Halliday * Rosalyn Higgins * Razali Ismali *Richard Jolly * Caroline Lucas MEP * Patricia McKenna * Paul Rogers * Ramesh Thakur * Jenny Tonge

Arms No More by Vijay Mehta - "Arms no More" booklet is a comprehensive study of small arms, light weapons and weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, biological and chemical. It outlines global efforts to develop and implement effective projects to limit the use and spread of small arms, which stands as a critical challenge to human security.

Lessons from Iraq - The UN must be Reformed by David Roberts - The UN has profound problems, but it can and must be reformed and saved. From Action For UN Renewal.

World Disarm! The Journal of the World Disarmament Campaign UK 

Free copies of  the Book Arms No More by Vijay Mehta and 3 CDs (ARC Peace Quotes, ARC: The UN and Africa , Nurturing ARC Instrumentals) in the Nurturing ARC Series by Aray are available to the media for review and broadcast.
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