21 July 2001

Comments on Implement Article 26 of the UN Charter Proposal

18 Jul 01 - ACTUN Committee Member
"Article 26 of the Charter is only one of many which have been side-stepped, misinterpreted, misused, or completely ignored, - mainly by the Permanent Members of the Security Council. { Other examples are Article 1(3), 2(7), 47 or 51}.
Nonetheless, if we can focus peoples attention on the importance of Article 26, it would be very salutary."

17 Jul 01 – President of UK Peace Organization
"Your proposal is very interesting and we will consider it "

14 Jul 01 - ACTUN Member & Veteran Peace Campaigner
"Notice how close Number 43 (of The Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice for the 21st Century - UN Ref A/54/98 www.haguepeace.org ) is to your excellent proposal."

3 July 01 - ACTUN Committee Member

24 Jun 01 – UNA Member
"I'm not sure this is the right way to go about it, either politically or statistically. Regarding the politics first, I feel there would be little chance of agreeing a level playing field when defining the quantities. From the difficulty in getting start quantities agreed to the necessary consensus (3.6). I think there are too many variables for anybody to understand who's doing what.
Regarding the statistics, there seems a rather perverse argument here where the less you pay on arms, the percentage saving is also reduced with less going to the 'poverty pot'. In fact, that sum stays constant I would have thought, even increases.
Anyway, notwithstanding the ambitions of the founding fathers of the UN, I would still tend to support regional confidence-building and tension-reducing measures.
But keep the idea on the boil. "

13 Jun 01 - Veteran UNA and UN Supporter
"Re: Article 26, as the Military staff committee does not function, citing this charter reference is unlikely to have credibility. The General Assembly has responsibility for principles of disarmament under article 11. But, in practice, the Disarmament Conference is the international forum for disarmament.
The General Assembly has resolved to hold another Special Session on Disarmament. This will, as before, be open to NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) input and lobbying. I suggest you should aim at this. The delay is because of the stalemate in the Conference (see Go Between 83, Oct-Dec 2000 www.un.org/Depts/dda )....
regarding 'convention / protocol', I think it would be better to aim at a Declaration of Principle(s) (see ISSN 0022-3433 Journal of Peace Research, Vol 24, No. 1 1987 - Demilitarization in the Developing World by Jozef Goldblat of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)).
Incidentally, I went for the square root principle. Would not an across-the-board percentage favor the strong?"