Blood Run Done; Cease Now Peace

A Dub Poem
Written by Errol Baptiste Copyright 2004

The United Nations must call for a UN Blood Run Done; Cease Now Peace Year for stopping the tide of violence.
Stopping the mass slaughter in Africa, guns terrorizing millions and killing half a million people around the world each year.
It asks everyone to try his or her best to agree declare implement monitor and enforce a ceasefire.
It will help to reduce the killings and play a major role in the decade of culture and peace we are now in.
To end a war and gain peace somewhere along the line you must have a cease fire to stop the killing and bloodshed.
You would say; the shooting, the killing and the blood running we are tired of it.
We don’t want anymore of it, it is time to stop to get peace the first step is a cease-fire.
Cease the shooting, the killing and the blood running by bringing the war to end.
Bringing peace it will reduce the slaughter and the effects of war, gun crimes and terrorism.

Four million people have died in Africa since 1998 due to the effects of conventional arms.
Not one person have been prosecuted for supplying their weapons of mass destruction and for the death of 4 million people since 1998.
Its is like legalized terrorism and facilitating mass slaughter of innocent civilians.
History will focus on the illegal Iraqi war of March 2003 it was not about weapons of mass destruction instead it was about the colour of oil.
The human story will remember the 4 million people who have died since 1998.
It will remember those who fate has put in positions of power and leadership;
Who never helped the African people, and have overseen and even facilitated the mass carnage.
Some bury their heads in the sand; some dismiss it as not their problem;
Some spout near empty rhetoric, some throw their hands up in exasperation.
The blood of the African peoples run and run and the cries of their suffering go unheeded by some impotent leaders.
The UK and UN is indeed in serious crisis over Africa and there is crisis of leadership, morality and integrity.

There is terror, fear and insecurity everywhere, terror and fear of terrorist attacks.
Fear and terror in most cities of the world due to gun crimes on our streets.
There is the terror of poverty and there is the terror of the nuclear threat.
Now there is the war on terror that terrorists have no conscience killing people.
They use weapons of mass destruction are supplied by the arm traders.
The impression is that terrorists are madmen, while the traders are respectable people and part of the ruling classes.
The terrorists will use any argument to justify their violence by using WMD.
The arm traders will use arguments to justify more sales to kill more people.