Haiti Reparations Resolution

We the Undersigned


Concerned by the high levels of poverty and the continued suffering of the people of Haiti.


Recalling that the States of the United Nations have agreed to make the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) a top priority.


Concerned that it is very unlikely that the Millennium Development Goals will be achieved in Haiti by 2015.


Recalling that in 1825 after their emancipation and liberation from slavery, the Haitian Government under threat of force was required to pay the French Government 90 million francs - an indemnity for profits lost from the slave trade. Also on more than one occasion American, French, German and British forces claimed large sums of money from the vaults of the National Bank of Haiti.


Recalling that the United States of America influenced and directed the course of Haitiís development during their occupation of Haiti from 1915 to 1934 when they dismantled the constitutional system, reinstituted virtual slavery, and established the National Guard that ran the country by violence and terror after the Americans left.


Mindful of the success and effectiveness of programmes such as The Millennium Villages Project in achieving development in parts of Africa.


Call upon the Governments of France and the United States of America to:


(a)   Provide the People of Haiti with Reparations in the form of such resources and assistance that achieve full implementation of the Millennium Development Goals in Haiti by 2025.


(b)    Ensure sustainable systems are in place in Haiti to assure that the levels of development achieved in fully implementing the Millennium Development Goals in Haiti are maintained or increased.


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