Obituary – Jim Addington

Jim Addington, Born, 1924 – Died, 21st June 2007.

Jim had a rather sketchy early education, going into the RAF at the end of the war. After which, he attended Ruskin College. He was a very keen athlete and won several cups for long distance and marathon running at a county level. He started a small carpet business in the early 60s and then after marrying Rosemary in 1965, together they developed the business to cover all aspects of soft furnishings. He refused to retire completely and still estimated for carpets installation up until the end.

He was also a keen choral singer and lover of music, sang with Kingston Choral Society and was a regular attendee of the Proms. He also enjoyed the theatre and walking in the countryside.

In later life, Jim was a great peace activist and passionate about United Nations reforms. He was chair of Action for UN Renewal for many years, former chair of London Region CND, an active member of UNA, Kingston Peace Council and Labour Action for Peace. He also wrote regularly in the Morning Star on UN reforms and international affairs.

I enjoyed working with Jim as we used to plan the campaigns for Action for United Nations Renewal together and participated in meetings and conferences, especially the United Nations Association and CND annual conferences. I remember the conference in Vancouver, Canada called the World Peace Forum, where Jim and I shared the platform on the subject of the UN Institutional reform and the whole proceedings were televised. I went with my wife Shanti, and Jim with Rosemary where we had some good times together.

There were certain things that Jim was quite fond of doing. After the dinners at UNA or CND conferences, both of us used to go on long walks wherever the conference was being held to discuss the current international situation and reforms of the United Nations. After a few miles we used to end up back in the hotel at the dead of night, wake up the hotel staff and ask them to make hot chocolate! It wasn’t that we would have one cup of each, we would ask them to make a pot so we could have several.

On coming back from one of the conferences from Birmingham, just before we arrived at Euston Station, Jim asked me to hang on until all the passengers had left and then he started collecting the leftover newspapers from all of the compartments. He told me that he learned this habit from a member of parliament who used to collect all the different newspapers and write letters to the Editor. Once, my daughter, Renu rang me from Paris and asked me if I could pick her up from Waterloo. I, with my wife Shanti, went to Waterloo and we were having a cup of hot chocolate and there was Jim Addington. I asked him if he was going somewhere or coming back. He said no, I have just come to collect papers!

Jim has recruited me in following in his habit of collecting papers when I am leaving trains!

Jim, my great friend, we wish you peace and we will carry on the good work you were doing.

Jim is survived by his wife, Rosemary who is a great peace activist in her own right and member of the Kingston Peace Council.


Vijay Mehta, Author and Vice Chair Action for UN Renewal

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