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OLD - ARC Newsletters

Newsletter 7 - February 2005

Newsletter 6-August 2004

Newsletter 5 - May 2004

Newsletter 4 - August 2003

Newsletter 3 - June 2003
Achieving sustainable disarmament-Pt 1; Is A World Without Arms Possible?; 'We, the world community, are WAGING peace'-A Report of Robert Muller's speech by Hermann & Marie Müller; OVER 100 STATES REVIEW INTERNATIONAL TREATY ON NUCLEAR WEAPONS CONTROL; Report by Vijay Mehta on NGO's Disarmament committee Meeting 2nd May 2003 and review of NPT Non-Proliferation Treaty) Conference At the Palais Des Nations (Geneva); Security cannot be attained through military superiority- Olaf Palme; Reductions and qualitative limitations of armaments are necessary for common security; Words With Weight; The ARC Resolution.

Newsletter 2 - March 2003
Civil society can contribute to Disarmament-says Kofi Annan; Recent trends in military expenditure; "Security syndrome!" says UN Under Secretary-General for Disarmament Affairs; Still Wasting Resources On Arms Instead Of Poverty Reduction.; Common dangers and Common Security; Present challenges for an Arms Reduction Coalition; Words of Wisdom ; The ARC Committee

Arms Reduction Coalition (ARC) Update April 2002
Some Events that Featured ARC, A few Quotes, ARC on the Internet


ARC Briefs

ARC BRIEF  Mar 2006

ARC BRIEF  Dec 2005


ARC Update -April 06