Freedom goes beyond being free from foreign domination
Beyond direct slavery and exploitation
Beyond racial segregation
Beyond submission to a dictatorship.
It defies being free from prison bars,
From the chains of poverty, disease and the curse of war.
Political freedom canít define it,
Nor religious

Real freedom sets one free, just as the other,
It entails meeting the desires of the heart,
Those things letting it reach great heights of happiness and satisfaction,
Leaving room for enjoyment and happiness of others.

Freedom is just this;
Meeting the desires of the heart
Without undue influence, direct or indirect.
Itís meeting desires of your inner-self
With great care that the other is left free;
For if not observed,
The seed to encroach your freedom is sown,
And you wonít be free anymore.

You just canít have freedom,
Ungiven to your neighbor.
Otherís freedom,
Thatís the guarantee to your freedom

What denies man freedom and happiness is just this; the desire and determination to deny others freedom and happiness. When he commits himself to deny others, he throws himself in prisons where he can never have freedom. We must also not forget that the other will be fighting to get the freedom we deny them, and that fight alone can never leave us free. We enslave ourselves, physically or emotionally when we enslave others.

Seguya pius 2006