In trying to deny others freedom,
Man has denied himself freedom.
In trying to enslave others,
Man has enslaved himself.

In trying to segregate against a brother,
He has segregated against himself.
In trying to hate others,
He has hated himself.
In trying to fight others,
He has fought himself

And trying to judge others
Got him judging himself.
In trying to kill others,
He couldnít fail to kill himself.

For out in the would youíll find;
You canít fail to give yourself what you give others,
Nor deny others what you give yourself.

In loving another, man has only loved himself
In forgiving another,
He has only forgiven himself.
In caring for another,
He has cared for himself.
In teaching another,
He has taught himself
In helping others,
He has helped himself.

And has given himself,
When he meant giving others.
You see; you canít afford to treat others
To what you donít treat yourself.

Seguya Pius 2006


 If I had A Choice

I would be a super power,
And others wíd hate me for using force when they disagreed with me.
I would be weak,
And others would prey upon me

If Iíd a choiceÖ
Iíd be a European,
And be a descendant of people who mistreated others;
In the long years of slavery and colonialism.
Iíd be one of the G8,
And be hated for my double standards;
Speaking peace while acting war,
Fighting poverty while exploiting the poor,
Fighting diseases, while making many in my laboratories.

Iíd be an Arab,
And my extremist brothers wouldíve made the world take me for a terrorist.
Iíd be an Arab,
And my oil would be a cause of war on my land.

Iíd be black,
And my land, brothers and sisters
Would exist only to be exploited by opportunists.

Iíd be a Christian or Jew,
And Islamic extremists would consider me a pagan.
Iíd be a Moslem,
And many would take for their enemy.

Because Iíd no choice, I found myself where I am.
The wrongs committed by people
In the name of my religion, nation or continent,
Were committed only on their behalf, not mine.
My opinion is what they never sought.

But as for now, and the future,
Iíve a choiceÖ.
And always will I take that choice,
Letting no one exercise that duty
For itís my own, and I canít delegate it.

Iíll oppose evil, and guide the evil ones.
Iíll take no advantage of no man nor woman,
And let not my brother nor sister do it.
Iíll leave no man nor woman stay in conditions of exploitation,
And manipulation.
Iíve a choice.


Seguya Pius