World Disarm!

Quarterly Journal of the World Disarmament Campaign UK 


The World Disarmament Campaign was founded in 1979 by Fenner Brockway and Philip Noel-Baker to work for the implementation of the policies agreed at the 1978 Special Session on Disarmament of the UN General Assembly. The Final Document of that session was signed by every then member of the UN. It included a Programme of Action relating to all types of weapons, from the nukes that have the capacity to destroy the whole of civilisation to the small arms that have been responsible for millions of deaths in the many conflicts that have racked the world since 1945. Had the permanent members of the Security Council, in particular, implemented their obligations, many of those lives could have been saved and the world would be a safer place today.

WDC continues to campaign for world-wide disarmament, both nuclear and non-nuclear, for military expenditure to be diverted to sustainable development, the eradication of poverty and the protection of the environment, and for the strengthening of the role of the United Nations in disarmament negotiations.


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World Disarm! is a central part of that campaign. It carries news and features on international issues and on the vitally important role of the United Nations. The UN must make Peace, not War; it must become the genuine peacekeeping and peace-building body that its Charter implies, not just a front for justifying the policies of the great powers. World Disarm! seeks to contribute to this aim and to provide coverage of events on the disarmament scene world-wide. It also has a regular review section and other information.