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Summary: The Arms Reduction Coalition(ARC) is calling for the United Nations (UN) to agree a legally binding instrument requiring UN member States to reduce the amount of resources spent on arms by between 1 and 5 percent per year for a period of 10 to 25 years.

Keywords: Arms Reduction Coalition, ARC, ARCUK, Arms Reduction Campaign, Article 26, UN Charter, Action for UN Renewal, economic resources, United Nations, peace, human rights, sustainable development, Human Security, arms control, weapons of mass destruction, poverty reduction, WDM, CND, UNA, CAAT, Disarmament and Development, NGO, Peace Groups, UN Security Council, ACTUN, Disarmament, small arms, nuclear weapons, small arms and light weapons, SALW, biological weapons, chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction.

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Czech - Rezoluce Koalice za snízení zbrojení - Czech

Dutch - De Wapens Reductie Coalitieresolutie - Nederlands (Computer - Please do Human Translation)

English - The Arms Reduction Coalition Resolution - English

Esperanto - La Arnredudukta Koalico Rezolucio- Esperanto.

French - La Résolution de la Coalition de la Réduction des Armes - français

German - Der Waffen Verkleinerung Koalition Beschluß-deutsch  (Computer - Please do Human Translation)

Italian - L'Arma Riduzione Coalizione Decisione - l'italiano  

Norweigian - ArmreduksjonskoalisjonsResolusjonen - Norsk (Computer - Please do Human Translation)

PAPIAMENTU - e arms reduction coalition resolution - papiamentu (Computer - Please do Human Translation)

Portuguese - A Armas Redução Coalizão Resolução - português (Computer - Please do Human Translation)

Spanish - La Armas Reducción Unión Resolución - español (Computer - Please do Human Translation)


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