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Below are some music from ARC's music CDs. Do download them and listen to them. If you like what you hear then purchase the CDs. As the CDs are to raise funds for ARC's campaign do make a donation to ARC.

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The music  (marked with S with tracks titles in blue and underlined) are of a lower quality on the CD to reduce file sizes and speed up downloads.

'ARC: UN and Africa Peace - Dance Sample' with 20 minutes of music.
Contains extracts of 7 tracks from  Aray CDs mixed for a dance session. Play these to liven up and club. Extracts of

S ARC Introduction & Resolution - wma - (MP3)
S Blood Run Done; Cease, Now Peace - Origins - wma, (MP3)- Sample to give you and idea of its origins.
S Blood Run Done; Cease, Now Peace - International Year -wma (MP3)- Sample to so you can learn the chant and dance
S Some ARC Voice - wma (MP3)- see Some ARC Voices for text
S Some ARC Voices - Remix - wma, (MP3)- To give you an idea of additional instruments and remixes
S The Spider & the Fly - wma (MP3)- Sample of verse 1 & 2 to give you and idea to compose your own verses.
S The Spider and the Fly Dub2 - wma.(MP3)- Verse of Instrumental for you to compose your own spider and the fly verses.
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ARC Peace Quotes 1 by   Aray - ARAY-CD1-PQ1 (65 Minutes) (MP3)
ARC Introduction & Resolution
Quotes on the UN and Armaments
Help to Advance ARC
Some ARC Voices - see Some ARC Voices for text
The Spider & the Fly
The Spider & the Fly Dub

Do write, compose and practice your own verses of  The Spider and the Fly.
We are hoping that you will compose your own verses of the spider and the fly and will perform them in our spider and the fly song competition in future.

Can you do the Spider and The Fly Dance?

ARC: The UN and Africa by   Aray - ARAY-CD2-UA1 (74 Minutes) (MP3)
 Blood Run Done; Cease, Now Peace - Origins,
 Blood Run Done; Cease, Now Peace - International Year -
The UN is in Crisis over Africa (full all sections below)
    Preamble & Introduction
    1 Give Up Armies,
    2 Stem The Tide - End the Conflicts Now,
    3 Prosecute the Guilty,
    4 Collect and Destroy the Weapons,
    5 Effectively Implement Sanctions - Supplies to and Resources from Conflict Areas,
    6 Reduce resources spent on arms
    7 Implement UN Resolutions,
    8 Reform the UN Conference on Disarmament (CD),
    9 Get More Women Leaders,
Some ARC Voices - Remix - see Some ARC Voices for text  

Nurturing ARC Instrumentals by Djigui and Aray -  ARAY-CD3-AI1 (54 Minutes)

Remixed versions of Nurturing ARC speeches music with additional instruments. Includes:
Some ARC Voices - Original,
Blood Run Done; Cease, Now Peace,
ARC Introduction & Resolution,
Quotes on the UN and Armaments,
Help to Advance ARC,
The UN is in Crisis over Africa,
S Some ARC Voices - Remix, wma, (MP3)
S The Spider and the Fly Dub2. wma.(MP3)