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The Arms Reduction Coalition's campaign is open to individuals and organisations. You are invited to join with us in this important initiative. We are asking for any support you can give. This could include :

  1. Becoming and Individual Member.

  2. Becoming an Organisational Member.

  3. Endorsing the ARC resolution.

  4. Sending us a Donation.

  5. Setting up a local ARC group.

  6. Offer of resources (human, financial, physical)
  7. Invite us to speak at a local meeting.
  8. Write or approach academics, experts, policy makers etc. to write papers (that we can publish) on ARC's resolution and aims.
  9. Informing others of ARC (e.g. discussing ARC with friends, distributing our leaflet to your organisation's members, hold local meeting).
  10. Print our petition and get others to sign it Arms Reduction Coalition Petition
  11. Purchasing something from our Web Shop

Refer to ARC Resources and About the Arms Reduction Coalition

See a list of our Supporters and patrons.

You can support us using:

  • Our Web Shop
  • By email
  • By Post to
    Arms Reduction Coalition (ARC), PO BOX, 42567, London, E1 2WP, United Kingdom

Join the Arms Reduction Coalition as an individual or organisational member.

Individual Membership
(5 or what you can afford)

As an individual member of ARC:

ARC promises not to pass any of your details on to other organisations or third parties without your expressed permission

Please make a regular Annual Subscription of 24 (2 per month) to us.

You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Organisation Membership ( 20.00  or what you can afford)

Organisational members benefits also include:

ARC will automatically include a link to your website on ARC's website; unless you state otherwise.

Please link to ARC's website .

Please click HERE to bring up our Arms Reduction Coalition application form. The application form has been designed for printing straight from the web and you will be given the option to do so when the page opens.

Make cheques payable to Arms Reduction Coalition and send to
Arms Reduction Coalition (ARC)
PO BOX, 42567
E1 2WP
United Kingdom

Endorse the ARC Resolution (Free)

Become and ARC Supporter by endorsing the ARC Resolution. As an Endorser of the ARC Resolution:

You can endorse the ARC resolution free of charge by emailing  with your details, and of course saying you endorse the ARC resolution. ARC promises not to pass any of your details on to other organisations or third parties without your expressed permission.


ARC Donation (what you can afford)

Support by sending us a Donation to forward our campaign. ARC is a Non-Governmental organisation that relies on its donations from people like you. We are an international campaign; based in the UK. Our dedicated volunteers have been advancing our campaign through activities such as attending (and managing a stall) at exhibitions, conferences, and meetings; producing speeches, peace literature, letters, statistics, petitions, a book, CDs and our web site.

We urgently require funds to further our campaign through additional activities such as:


Set up a Local ARC Group.

ARC is an international campaign. Please contact us for details of similar organisations in your country or if you are interested in setting up a national or local Arms Reduction Coalition.

For further information, please contact us at or

Co-operation between Arms Reduction Coalition (ARC) and World Disarmament Campaign (WDC)

It is often said that the peace movement as a whole is fragmented and different organisations with their limited capacity are not able to present a united front to further their causes.

With that in view, ARC & WDC are considering to join together for working relationship for a trial period of 1 year. The aims of both organisations are similar i.e. disarmament of small arms, nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. During the course of this year, they both hope to have joint newsletters, conferences and campaigns.

The co-operation, if successful, will start from WDC Spring conference from 12 March 2005, to be held at Friends House, London. Karl Miller, secretary of ARC, will be giving a presentation at the WDC conference to outline the aims of ARC. There will be a stall in which books, CDs and newsletters will be on display.

It will be a great opportunity from both organisations to grow together. Vijay Mehta-ARC Chair


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