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Implement Article 26 of the UN Charter

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Arms Reduction Coalition is leading a campaign to encourage the United Nations to 'Implement Article 26 of the UN Charter' by reducing the diversion for armaments of the world's human and economic resources by a set percentage each year.

Implement Article 26 of the UN Charter

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Below are some suggestions of actions you can take to help achieve Arms Reduction.

Also refer to How you can help to advance ARC.

Note: Estimated amount required to implement the Millennium Development Goals over 15 years $750 bn ,  Amount that will be spent on arms over same 15 years $12,000 bn. Current projections MDGs under funded, targets not met, many will die; arms spending increased, resources wasted, terror increased, many will die.

Here are some actions you can take to support ARC:

Signed the ARC petition, or Make a Donation, Endorsed the ARC Resolution or Become an ARC member.

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Sponsor ARC. For example  at As Inspired donate 0.50 of every order to ARC.

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Complete the ARC Feedback and Arms Reduction Survey Form

Remember the next time you are told there are no resources (funds) for schools, health care etc; quote the amounts spent on arms.

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